Solution for Poor Sound Quality using AirPods on MacOS

I tossed my AirPods in today and for some reason the sound quality while listening to music was a lot lower than normal. I’ve had this audio playback issue with other Bluetooth headphones, but never with the AirPods. The issue: If your Bluetooth headphones are set as both the output audio device AND the input […]

Upgrade Pains with 3rd Party Libraries in TypeScript

Most TypeScript developers know that one of the pain points of the ecosystem has traditionally been its integration with 3rd party libraries. As we begin 2018, the DefinitelyTyped project has finally matured to the point where grabbing a d.ts definition file for most libraries is only an npm install away (provided that you’re using TypeScript […]

Adding Advanced Custom Fields to WordPress REST API Response

There seems to be a lot of outdated information as to how to add your ACF fields into your WordPress REST API response, especially if you’re using the v2 API that’s now built into WordPress. The answer comes thanks to baptistebriel on a GitHub issue response for a plugin that seemed to work for API […]

Set MacBook Pro Touch Bar to Always Display Function Keys for Certain Apps

I’ve been wondering if there’s a way to lock the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar into "Function Key" mode, for use in applications like virtual machine hosts (such as VMWare Fusion) that can’t take full advantage of the Touch Bar or where it makes sense to have the function keys available. To turn on function […]

Calling C# Extension Methods on null references

Many C# developers are familiar with extension methods, but did you know that you can call extensions methods on null objects without fear of the dreaded Object reference not set to an instance of an object. error that comes along with invoking a method on a null reference. Consider the extension method public static bool […]

Generating PNGs in JavaScript

A project I’m working on allows the user to construct their own exterior home design using a set of provided colors, sidings, and trims. Due to technical limitations, I needed to be able to generate a solid-color image on-the-fly in JavaScript to set as a background-image on the element we overlay on the base layer […]

HTML5 File Uploads with FileAPI by

During a recent hunt for a nice HTML file upload library, I came across FileAPI by In particular, I was looking for a library that was completely framework-independent. jQuery File Upload is a very nice plugin that I’ve used in the past, but for this particular project we needed something not based on jQuery. […]

Bulk Updating S3 Files in F# with AWS .NET SDK

I’ve been working with a client to enhance an existing site the users could go to and create “playlists” of videos that would be burned to DVD and then mailed to the user. Now we’re adding the ability to download the files directly, which we’re storing on Amazon S3. After uploading the files to my […]